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Coating all types of concrete surfaces

Many people think that garages are the only place they can use epoxy, but that's just one of many options. We've coated mudrooms, entryways and outdoor patios. You can turn any dull, gray concrete surface into a shiny, showroom-level floor. The options are endless.

Enhance the Concrete Beneath Your Feet With Epoxy Flooring

Serving of out of Calamus and the Quad Cities, IA.

Is your garage floor covered in oil stains, cracked and falling apart? Maybe your concrete patio is showing its age. If you have dingy or damaged concrete, it's time for an upgrade. Turn to the epoxy contractors at D4 Epoxy Floors LLC for help. We offer epoxy floor coating services and specialize in flake flooring and garage floor coating services. We're a family-owned epoxy flooring company serving clients across Calamus and the Quad Cities, IA.

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Trust in our thorough process for installing epoxy flooring

Our epoxy flooring process includes:

  • Grinding down the existing concrete surface
  • Repairing cracks and other defects
  • Filling in the existing expansion joints, if requested
  • Coating the concrete surface with a waterproof base layer, if requested
  • Spreading the colored flakes if you want custom flake flooring
  • Finishing off the surface with a top coat

D4 Epoxy Floors, LLC is an epoxy contractor who strive to exceed your expectations. Get started by calling us today.